On First Aid

I wrote a series of newsletters in the lead up to The Helpline coming out in the UK… I’m re-posting them there because RECYCLED content.

Germaine Johnson on First Aid

When I said on my resume I was first aid trained, I didn’t think they’d believe me.  But next thing you know, my boss had me in a ‘refresher course’.  I would have gotten out of it—I faint at the sight of blood—but it paid an extra $1.50 a fortnight, so.  Plus you get a hard hat and you’re privy to the inner workings of the fire drill.  It was an offer too good to refuse. 

At my first safety committee meeting, they said they’d made some big decisions about the first aid .  kits were being modified.  They were no longer providing free plasters.  I assumed this was because individuals were stockpiling them.  Not to name names but if we had to, I would have said Eva Peterson’s taken hundres. 

But it was because they didn’t want anyone administering their own first aid,’ said Ralph.   

When I relayed that to Eva, she said, ‘Not even for a paper cut?’

‘That won’t be a problem,’ I told her. ‘It’s a paperless office.’

Fingers crossed no one has a heart attack.  No way am I breathing air into the mouth of some stranger.  It would be just my luck ot get a cold sore and that’ the number one rule of first aid.  Safety to one’s self, first and foremost.

Look both ways before crossing the road,